Anti Ragging Cell

The college has established the Anti Ragging Committee every year to prevent ragging activities, consisting of senior faculty members and headed by Principal. A committee has taken steps and allotted duties to all the staff members in almost all areas in the college and ensures to avoid ragging activities. Wide canvassing about anti-ragging, is being done in the forms of posters and Boards in college premises and surrounding areas where there is a chance of ragging. Grievances & Redressal committee is also made a part of these anti-ragging activities. Awareness programs about Anti Ragging are conducted by the Anti Ragging Committee in the form of meetings and PPTs to the senior students, faculty & non-college personnel.

The constitution of anti-ragging committees is as follows.


College Anti Ragging Activities

Strict Instructions

  1. The ragging of a student in any form on the campus of these institutes or hostel is strictly prohibited as per the provisions of Maharashtra Provision of Ragging Act, 1999.
  2. The students involved in this activity will be detained from the college & action will be taken against them as per Maharashtra Provision of Ragging Act, 1999 & Indian University Act.
  3. Do not involve in such activities and Do not spoil your life If any such instance is observed or noticed anywhere kindly try to prevent it and report it to Anti Ragging Committee.
  4. If any such instance is observed or noticed anywhere kindly try to prevent it and report it to Anti Ragging Committee.


The constitution of Anti-ragging committees is as follows.

1 Prof. Narhari A. Patil Principal Chairman 9421448785
2 Mr. Afroz I. Mulani Senior Faculty Representative Member 9970958250
3 Ms. Deepali S. Bhandari Ladies Faculty Representative Member 9637316693
4 Mr. Nitesh B. Suryawanshi Staff Representative Member 8446222927
5 Ms. Vidya A. Sutar Girls Hostel In-charge Member 7410101291
6 Mr. Sarvesh Kuchekar Senior Students Representative Member -
7 Mr. Harish Kasar Senior Students Representative Member -
8 Ms. Anuja Patil Senior Students Representative Member -
9 Ms. Pooja Kharade Senior Students Representative Member -

This Committee is constituted for Academic Year 2019-20


Maharashtra Prohibition Of Ragging Act 1999

Anti Ragging Oath